Planetary gearboxes are required for a wide range of electrical motion applications. Together with our manufacturer Neugart we offer various versions of servo gearboxes. Planetary gearboxes with output shaft are most frequently used.

Planetary gearboxes must be securely connected to the servo motor on the motor side (input side) and to the customer's mechanical system on the output side. For this purpose, the input flange of the planetary gearhead is individually adapted to the servo motor on the motor side by the manufacturer.

On the output side, various variants are available for the output shaft:

  • output shaft with keyway for positive-fit and reliable power transmission
  • smooth output shaft for a force-fit connection to a clutch (for highest torque transmissions also in reversing operation)
  • Multi-tooth shaft according to DIN 5480 for toothed output shaft (e.g. for force-fit connection to a pinion with internal gearing)


The planetary gearbox units with output shaft are the ideal solution for many dynamic applications due to the low inertia of the rotating output shaft. The wide variety of planetary gearheads with output shaft gives you the maximum flexibility to select the right product for your application.


The most important features of planetary gearboxes with output shaft:

  • flexibility through compact unit consisting of planetary gearbox with output shaft and servo motor
  • flexibility through product variety with 1 to 3 gear stages, various reduction ratios, different toothings
  • low inertia of the rotating output shaft
  • suitable for dynamic applications

Variants of gearboxes with output shaft:

  • PLE: cost-effective planetary gearbox, maximum efficiency even at highest speeds
  • PLQE: for high forces, low heat generation, easy to mount
  • PLPE: extremely economical planetary gearbox due to best torque-low heat performance
  • PLHE: new dimension in precision and economy
  • PSBN: high-performance precision planetary gearbox with helical teeth for a particularly quiet drive
  • PSN: helical-toothed precision planetary gearbox with low-noise synchronism for high bearing loads
  • PLN: perfectly sealed straight-toothed planetary gearbox for best performance and high stiffness