We use the term "Electromechanics" for products, which are no actuators, but are used at the connection interface between mechanical and electrical systems and therefore are an useful add on to our product range. This chapter includes sliprings, wrap spring clutches, electromagnets, holding magnets and purely mechanical products like positioning hinges (friction hinges, constant torque hinges, detent torque hinges, damping hinges) and cable tidies.


Our product groups in this area are:

  • positioning hinges (friction hinges, constant torque hinges) hold a part like e.g. a display or flip in the desired angular position; you know this from your laptop display; there are version which are attached to the mechanics and others which are built into the turning axis (torque inserts). The torque can be identical for both directions or reduced or even (almost) zero for one direction. Special version are ready to use vesa tilt monitor mount or sperical joints with freedom to move in several directions, yet providing torque to hold position, they are very usful for positioning of cameras or mirrors and displays; positioning hinges can be found in many applications like monitor mounts, flaps and hatches or machine covers.
  • detent torque hinges: a detent torque hinge holds a door or flap in one of several predefined detent positions; the number and the angle of detent positions can vary. Optionally the Sugatsune (Lamp) detent hinges can be equipped with a damping mechanism to provide a soft-close-function. Also miniature detent hinges are aviable.
  • damping hinges: a damper hinge provides a soft-close-function for doors hatches and flapps, to reduce the closing speed and therefore the impact. Damper hinges are made of plastics, metal or stainless steal and we supply also miniature damping hinges.
  • stainless steel industrial fittings: we supply stainless steel fittings and components, which are used in applications with higher demands high load regarding robustness, service life, resistance to chemicals or elegant design such as medical or industrial furniture or furniture for trains, yachts, mobile homes or airplanes.
  • pinch valves: pinch valves are used to control the flow of a fluid in a tube by opening or closing the tube without having contact between the valve and the fluid.
  • wrap spring clutches: the main application for wrap spring clutches is the synchronisation of various shafts to a main shaft in paper transportation in printers, copiers or bank note sorting or counting; the working principle is a spring which wraps around a shaft provides a positive force engagement to connect and syncronise the slave shaft to the main shaft.
  • slip clutches protect the turning axis against overload during acceleration.
  • sliprings are available as sliprings capsules (housed, also optimised for the transmission of fieldbus signals like EtherCAT) or as modular sliprings (drum slipring or pancake-slipring).
  • industrial brakes: pneumatic, hydraulic and mechanical cliper disc brakes in single or double acting versions.
  • industrial right angle gearboxes Tolomatic's right angle gearboxes are used in any sort of machinery with a master shaft to distributor the synchonised motion to various slave shafts. The gear output is rectangular (90°) to the driving shaft - our right angle gearboxes turn the power around the corner
  • roller screws (planetary roller screws) are used in linear actuators and provide a high force and an efficient operation in a compact package.
  • electromagnets: optionally with preloaded spring and with permanent magnet (for electrical release versions) or holding meagnet (very high force).
  • cable tidies: to help you to clean up your desk.
Reell constant torque hinge, friction hinge, position  hinge
slipring-capsule, miniature slip ring, slip ring for signals and field bus (EtherCAT)
Geeplus electro magnet with optional spring preload industrial right angle gearbox for machine synchronisation, corrosion resistant right angle gearbox