A Damping Hinge offers a damping mechanism for a soft-close-function for doors, covers or flaps to limit the opening or Closing speed and the impact when hitting the end stop. We offer damping hinges in plastic or metal - also stainless steel - versions with a damping torque up to 14Nm.


The most important features of our damping hinges:

  • material: plastic or metal or stainless steel
  • various sizes, also miniature damping hinges available
  • self opening damping hinges available
  • damping torque from 0.03 up to 14Nm
  • damping hinges can be combined with detent torque hinges to provide both damping for Soft-Close-Function and a predefined number of detent positions
  • custom damping torque hinges


We can show a very limited range of the products of Sugatsune (Lamp); but we have access to all producs of Sugatsune - in case you can't find your requested product on our page, please ask for a quotation!

type version version differences image rotation angle torque (Nm) material dimensions (mm) mass (g) data sheet
HG-VH8 -D3-BL black Sugatsune (Lamp) damper hinge HG-VH8 180° 0.022-0.038(S) plastic 50x36x12.5 14  
-D3-WT white
HG-JHW16S -34 for closing Sugatsune (Lamp) damper hinge HG-JHW16S 120° 2.0-3.4(S) plastic 85x59x22.7 83  
-50 3.4-5.0(S)
-34G for opening 2.0-3.4(S)
-50G 3.4-5.0(S)
-00 without damper - 52
HG-JHW 50 for closing Sugatsune (Lamp) damper hinge HG-JHW 115°+/-5° 3-5(P) plastic 115x72x26.5 184  
70 5-7(P) 182
50G for opening 3-5(P) 216
70G 5-7(P) 180
HG-JH 25   Sugatsune (Lamp) damper hinge HG-JH 115°+/-5° 3-5(P) plastic 75x60x26.5 200  
35 5-7(P) 193
HG-JHM20T -80BL black Sugatsune (Lamp) damper hinge HG-JHM20T 115° 6-8(P) steel/plastic 65x51.4x25.7    
-80WT white
-80CR chrome
HG-JHM20 -80BL black Sugatsune (Lamp) damper hinge HG-JHM20 105° 6-8(P) aluminium/plastic 66x54x16+5.5 206  
-80WT white
HG-JHM16 -34BL black Sugatsune (Lamp) damper hinge HG-JHM16 105° 2-3.4(P) aluminium/plastic 54x50x16+5.5 126  
-34WT white
-50BL black 3.4-5(P)
-50WT white
HG-JHM14 -S-8BL black Sugatsune (Lamp) damper hinge HG-JHM14 105° 0.5-0.8(P) aluminium/plastic 45x48x12+7.8 51.4  
-S-8WT white
-S-15BL black 0.8-1.5(P)
-S-15WT white
-S-20BL black 1.5-2(P)
-S-20WT white
HG-JH14-50     Sugatsune (Lamp) damper hinge HG-JH14-50 115°+/-5° 3-5(P) stainless steel/plastic 46x100x21 254  
HG-JHM9-U -BL black Sugatsune (Lamp) damper hinge HG-JHM9-U   0.054-0.086(P) plastic 43x32x13.2 29  
-WT white 28
4-BL black 0.027-0.043(P)  
4-WT white  
HG-JHM9-S -BL black Sugatsune (Lamp) damper hinge HG-JHM9-S   0.054-0.086(P) plastic 43x32x13.2 31  
-WT white 31
4-BL black 0.027-0.043(P)  
4-WT white  
HG-JHS9-S -BL black Sugatsune (Lamp) damper hinge HG-JHS9-S   0.027-0.043(P) stainless steel/plastic 43x32x13.2 38  
-WT white
HG-JHS9-U -BL black Sugatsune (Lamp) damper hinge HG-JHS9-U   0.027-0.043(P) stainless steel/plastic 43x32x13.2 38  
-WT white
HG-CSH63   without damper Sugatsune (Lamp) damper hinge HG-CSH63 100° - aluminium/stainless steel 80x63x21.5 98.7  
AM variant1 1-1.7(S) 114.3
AH 1.7-2.5(S)
BM variant2 1-1.7(S)
BH 1.7-2.5(S)
UDH -AMS-G standard CCW Sugatsune (Lamp) damper hinge UDH 115°/70° 1.5-2.5(S) stainless steel/plastic 55x20x20 38  
-BMS-G standard CW
-AHS-G standard CCW 2.5-3.5(S)
-BHS-G standard CW
-AGS-G standard CCW 3.0-4.0(S)
-BGS-G standard CW
-AMP-G progressive CCW 1.5-1.8(S)
-BMP-G progressive CW
-AHP-G progressive CCW 1.8-3.5(S)
-BHP-G progressive CW
UDH-16 SAMS standard CCW Sugatsune (Lamp) damper hinge UDH-16 120°/70° 1-1.7(S) stainless steel/plastic 37x16x16 16  
SBMS standard CW
SAHS standard CCW 1.7-2.5(S)
SBHS standard CW
AMS-G progressive CCW 1-1.7(S)
BMS-G progressive CW
AHS-G progressive CCW 1.7-2.5(S)
BHS-G progressive CW
UDH-16N AMS CCW Sugatsune (Lamp) damper hinge UDH-16N 125°/70° 1.7-2.4(S) stainless steel/plastic 51x16x16 25  
AHS CCW 2.2-3(S)
UDH-14 ALS CCW Sugatsune (Lamp) damper hinge UDH-14 125°/70° 0.5-0.8(S) stainless steel/plastic 37x14x14 10  
AMS CCW 0.8-1.5(S)
ATS CCW 1.5-2.0(S)
URD8-3     Sugatsune (Lamp) damper hinge URD8-3   0.022-0.038(S) plastic 40x8.5x8.5 2.5  
UDD -S-L CCW Sugatsune (Lamp) damper hinge UDD   0.5-1.0(S) steel/plastic 80x51.8x19.6 90  
-M-L CCW 1.0-2.0(S)
-H-L CCW 2.0-3.0(S)
UDD-BKT     Sugatsune (Lamp) damper hinge UDD-BKT     stainless steel 56x47x29.3 33  
HG-JV65 -S-BL black Sugatsune (Lamp) damper hinge HG-JV65
    steel/plastic 86.5x65x17 85  
-S-LGR light grey